God’s Abundance in Beauty

As Catholics we believe in God’s abundant love for us, but even so, we can get stuck looking at the world through the lens of scarcity.  When choose to see the world through the lens of abundance, we are able to see beauty and feel grateful for the good things we encounter.

One only needs to look at the created world to understand the concept of God’s abundance.  God doesn’t measure out exactly how many flowers are necessary to create a balanced ecosystem, but provides flowers in abundance on the earth.  God’s generosity is unmeasured, sometimes even wasteful by our human standards.  For instance, do we really need more than 5,000 species of frog? Our minds cannot comprehend the abundance of God who creates in a way that is immeasurable, and in a way that feels somewhat un-purposed: does anyone really understand the purpose of a mosquito?

Understanding God’s abundance is important because it takes away from our human need for fairness.  God loves us because God loves us.  There is nothing we can do to earn God’s love or to lose God’s love.  God’s love simply is.  From God’s point of view, love is never divided but multiplied.  We know that God has provided not only “enough” of whatever we need, but God has provided much more than we could possibly use.

When we truly accept God’s generosity, something happens to us.  We understand that we do not need to compete for grace.  We see that our sharing of love and learning and growth only helps these things to grow; that they are never “spent” in the process of sharing them.  We understand that God wants happiness and wholeness for everyone; that happiness and wholeness are not in short supply from God’s point of view.

Accepting God’s generosity divorces us from our need to control, to measure, and to count.  Instead, it turns us back to mission.  We’re able to worship God at Mass without being preoccupied with how many people are at Mass.  We’re able to share ourselves with people in friendship without fear of diminishment, and we’re free to love without needing a return on our investment.  God’s generosity gives us the confidence to live in acceptance of what is and in the knowledge of our inheritance as children of God.

This page of our blog is dedicated to sharing images of beauty within our parish communities. This sharing of beauty can help us see ourselves as abundantly blessed by God.

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A woman holds a sleeping baby clothed in winter gear.
A MOPS childcare worker holds a sleeping baby
Two women surrounded by a group of playing children
Two childcare workers surrounded by children during a St. Cloud Area MOPS meeting
Baptismal Font at St. Paul's Church in St. Cloud, MN
Baptismal Font at St. Paul’s Church in St. Cloud MN, with candles lit in remembrance of those who have died in the past year from the parish. In the foreground is the book of life where people have been encouraged to write the names of their loved ones who have passed.
Inside St. Peter's Church, St. Cloud, MN, One man at the lectern and another sitting in the presider's chair.
A Tuesday morning at St. Peter’s – and an impromptu Word and Communion Service