Contribute to the Blog

Below you will find some of the goals of our blog.  We encourage contributions from people in our metro parishes.

Goals of communication through this blog:

  • Share common information and understanding across town
  • Engage people’s imagination in the possibilities of our agency in the church Today
  • Utilize the gifts of many to model how working together benefits all
  • Create a safe space for ideas around change, and for all of us, united in common mission

Guidelines for contributions:

  • Written from a place of understanding God’s abundant love and our giftedness as His people
  • Demonstrating hope, faith, and love
  • We can disagree, and see our disagreement as the path to viewing a bigger whole
  • No one viewpoint or opinion will prevail,we will embrace diversity and see our diversity as serving the common good (one body, many parts)
  • Our task here is one of sharing vision and holding space while we trust that God will use this and us for the building of the Kingdom

How to contribute:

ChristSeed representatives from each metro parish have access to the blog. If you already know your ChristSeed representative, talk to them about becoming a contributor! Don’t know your ChristSeed representative? Go to our contact page and send us a message about your desire to contribute!