A Perspective on Purpose

By:  Fr. Timothy Gapinski

I am pleased that we have had many different visitors to this blog already.  I hope that you continue to visit for updates, and that we can spread the word for many new visitors.  It is important that avenues of communication exist to help everyone understand what is happening and what comes next.  Change is almost always harder when it is sudden.  We know change is on the horizon.  Changing demographics, smaller family size, and other factors have forced us to proactively face the ways the Church in Central Minnesota will have to adapt.  We do this so that any necessary changes will not have to be so sudden or drastic. 

The goal of this blog is to help us all be more aware of the possible options that are being discussed to help us address those changes.  This blog is not intended in any way to make policies or implement them.  The hope is that ideas can be expressed here for discussion in the community, and that in discussion those ideas can be refined or give rise to new ideas. 

So, when you read something on this blog, do not assume it to be the final word, or “the way it is going to be.”  I do not want the material here to lead to a sense of inevitability among those who read it.  One idea might seem very reasonable, but the actual implementation of that idea might be much more difficult, taking longer to iron out all the details or look at other ways to address the question.  Some ideas might be much more long-term goals put forward to help us think about the things we should be doing in the short-term.  And some ideas might be presented to prepare us for thinking about possibilities that might never actually happen, but it is far better to prepare for those contingencies than be caught unaware.

This site is meant to facilitate discussion and communication, but it is not the only means of doing so.  Continue to look for other information at your parish.  As decisions do become more finalized, they will be clearly announced on the local level.

Ultimately, we want to do what works.  Area Catholic Communities will only work well if we are all on board and participating.  When we understand the reasoning behind an idea and have had a chance to reflect on both the positive and negative effects it will have, it makes it much easier to accept and support that idea.  Conversely, it can also give us the insight to promote another idea that we think would be more beneficial. 

There will be differences of opinion on the best ways to build community and minister to the people within our ACCs, but these discussions hopefully will help us realize that in the end we all want the same goal:  to be holy witnesses to the world of the salvation found in Jesus Christ and his Church.

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